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Gregor Stehle

Expert in meditation and self-exploration

spiritual coach and holistic process companion

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Studied as a monk in one

Buddhist monastery


trainer and


Lecturer at the Center for Mediation and Mindfulness 




in meditation

and insideYoga


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understand deeper?

Self-exploration is an intimate inner process of awakening to yourself, your actual calling, and your purpose in life

Live your Life?

Your landmark is in your heart. But where is your heart? The place of your creative power and creativity, of your potential

Silcene in your mind

If you manage to step out of your mind, you are truly free and have arrived in your life.

I'll show you the exit ...

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Meditation Retreats on Elba, Italy 2019

Meditation and self-exploration

Retreat in Dahab, Egypt 5-9 March 2019

Thank you from heart

I did not think that I could do it, but when my mind became quiet, just like that ... in a moment ... I became happy and relaxed.

Gunnar Schlemmer, actor.

Depression brought me to the point where I needed help

Depression brought me to the point where I needed help.

Now I know that it was about accepting me the way I am.

Without Gregor's company I would not have understood that.

Sandra Meyer, entrepreneur and mother

Meditation combined with self-exploration is not an escape from myself, but I felt it was the most courageous step in my life.

Dieter von Gutfried

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